Blog update and possible name change

4 01 2011

Currently dubbing Atoms for PC/360/WP7 as Atoms:HD just to keep it separate from Atoms:DS. Not sure if I will release it under that name (most likely not) but it helps keep the 2 versions of the game distinct.

So with that basic name change I’ve also updated the blog to reflect that and also add some new screen shots of what Atoms:HD is looking like these days!



27 12 2010

My current plan is for V0. 7 to be my alpha release with the 0.6 versions being the pre alpha.  I finish the second of the pre alpha’s earlier today which included the new slot bases replay saving and loading.  Updated professor art work and more updates to screens.  I’ve well added addtional animations from the new logo screen and animated the movement of the profs when the player changes.  The final thing that changed is that I have removed the loading screen,  the loading is now hidden by the logos screen.

Alpha update

23 12 2010

New animations are complete and few art work from my amazing artist has started arriving.  This will delay things slightly but the up shot is the game will look and play much better,  he has come up with a great way to handle the twin mouse and pad controls.

All this has also pushed me to up my game,  for this I’m planning on putting in more spot animations and pulling out the games for windows live virtual keyboard.