3 05 2011

This will be the last post of this blog, all new posts will now be on GouldFish Games

You can also find out the latest on atoms from the gouldfish games twitter feed, @GouldFishGames

Thanks for all the views and hope to aee you on the new site and twitter.


Blog update and possible name change

4 01 2011

Currently dubbing Atoms for PC/360/WP7 as Atoms:HD just to keep it separate from Atoms:DS. Not sure if I will release it under that name (most likely not) but it helps keep the 2 versions of the game distinct.

So with that basic name change I’ve also updated the blog to reflect that and also add some new screen shots of what Atoms:HD is looking like these days!

V0.7 has been released

11 04 2010

This includes an updated explode calculation that should mean it no longer gets stuck in a loop.
Bars are now shown on the top scree, these give a quick indication on how well each player is doing.
Also some updated artwork.

Find it on the download menu.

Next version

4 04 2010

The next version of atoms:ds is on its way, it includes a big fix to the way that explosions are done. This should fix the issue where the game gets stuck constantly exploding.

I’ve also added bars to give an quick idea on how many atoms each player has.

bars in game

Get it while its fresh.

24 03 2010

Here we go, the latest version of Atoms:DS

get it from the download section on the right.

Getting close to release

6 03 2010

Lots of work has been done on the tutorial and now flows better (with better spelling), I’ve also updated a number of the screens to try and give the game a more consistent style.

From now on the top screen will typically be green with the bottom screen being blue, here is an example of the new player select screen:

Player select


Updated menu artwork

18 11 2009

Some updated menu artwork.

Main menu screen


Updated player select screen



This is pushing the game closer to the V0.6 release,   Also any one good a proof reading or translations that would like to help could you please post in the comments, Thanks!