Code update

3 03 2011

Finished the move to XNA4 and the move to the latest version of my library.  What this means is that I can now use the updated tech that i’ve been working on,  like particles, and it allows me to work on the xbox and windows phone 7 version as well.  If fact I already have it up and running again on WP7,  the first time since the limited tests I tried out last year.  I also hope to have a version running on the 360 very soon as well.


Windows mobile 7

8 09 2010

Decided to see if it would be easy to port atoms to win mob 7 and In one hour i had the whole game running in the emulator.   So I guess I can add win mob 7 to the official ports list.

I’ll get some pictures of it and the PC version up soon.

PC 360 Progress update

2 09 2010

Main game now plays as good as the ds version.

Tutorial complete.

Replay we’ll underway.

I’ll get some screen shots up soon.

Quick update

4 08 2010

XnAtoms is making steady progress, lots of behind the scenes work has been done but also a few main screens have been worked on.

The main menu is in with some great art work,
the local player select is in with temp artwork.

and the big new addition being worked on is replays!
These will not only allow you to show off your great win but is also a great debug tool for those rare times when the game seems to be stuck in a explosion loop and never finish.

I’ll try to get some screen shots up soon.

XnAtoms under full production

1 06 2010

After a long break work on XnAtoms is now fully under way, new art work is in bound and updated code is being worked on.

Expect more news on this in the next week!