27 12 2010

My current plan is for V0. 7 to be my alpha release with the 0.6 versions being the pre alpha.  I finish the second of the pre alpha’s earlier today which included the new slot bases replay saving and loading.  Updated professor art work and more updates to screens.  I’ve well added addtional animations from the new logo screen and animated the movement of the profs when the player changes.  The final thing that changed is that I have removed the loading screen,  the loading is now hidden by the logos screen.


Sneak peak at the new animations

18 12 2010

Here is a sneak peak at the new animations for Atoms.

And what does all this cool new animations means? It means I am now near Alpha!!

Quick update

4 08 2010

XnAtoms is making steady progress, lots of behind the scenes work has been done but also a few main screens have been worked on.

The main menu is in with some great art work,
the local player select is in with temp artwork.

and the big new addition being worked on is replays!
These will not only allow you to show off your great win but is also a great debug tool for those rare times when the game seems to be stuck in a explosion loop and never finish.

I’ll try to get some screen shots up soon.

XnAtoms under full production

1 06 2010

After a long break work on XnAtoms is now fully under way, new art work is in bound and updated code is being worked on.

Expect more news on this in the next week!

V0.7 has been released

11 04 2010

This includes an updated explode calculation that should mean it no longer gets stuck in a loop.
Bars are now shown on the top scree, these give a quick indication on how well each player is doing.
Also some updated artwork.

Find it on the download menu.

Next version

4 04 2010

The next version of atoms:ds is on its way, it includes a big fix to the way that explosions are done. This should fix the issue where the game gets stuck constantly exploding.

I’ve also added bars to give an quick idea on how many atoms each player has.

bars in game

Getting close to release

6 03 2010

Lots of work has been done on the tutorial and now flows better (with better spelling), I’ve also updated a number of the screens to try and give the game a more consistent style.

From now on the top screen will typically be green with the bottom screen being blue, here is an example of the new player select screen:

Player select